The Cultural Union of Zagori, representing Greece, participated in the 5th international festival “Music World”, in Fivizzano, Tuscani of Italy.

The committee has chosen and awarded the C.U. of Zagori the first prize for its participation in the competition with folk groups and traditional dancing.

(… The Cultural Union of Zagori is awarded the Dolphin Prize for a deep and extended research on the quality of the Greek civilization and the culture of their country. The certificate for the participation refer to the presentation of the songs, the rhythmic dances that in combination with the traditional music and the different costumes appeared with an increasing intensity that gave at the festival a spectacular color.)

The 32 dancers of our Cultural Union were dressed with costumes from five different locations of Greece and they danced and sang songs from all over Greece. Apart from the first prize, the folk group of the Cultural Union was greeted with applauses of the audience.

During their stay in Italy, the members of the group and the escorts have visited important monuments of Florence, Pisa and Lucca.

Their teacher Kostas Kamberis escorted the dancing group, and in lead of the 45member group was the general secretary Kostas Vlahopoulos.

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