The Cultural Union of Zagori meets the new century planning festivals which will bring people closer to our culture. In this way our young will learn, the elder will recall their memories and the visitors will leave having experienced something unique.

The Union organizes for the recent future many lectures concerning the popular cultural development of the Zagori communities. It will also release other cds and particularly in an anecdote version, since Zagori area is an inexhaustible source of rich musical and dancing material which has not been fully traced yet.


It participates in cultural activities in Greece and also in folk dance festivals abroad (Hungary, Austria, Spain, Italy, and elsewhere). In our effort to converse the heritage and cultural anchor of Zagori villages, our union records and preserves authentic traditional songs and dances as well as enriching its wardrobe with traditional local costumes. It maintains several dance groups for children, teenagers and adults and an organized group of traditional choir. The performance group dances songs from all over Greece. In the last years our union financed an important initiative making new traditional costumes, typical of the rest Greek state.




In the recent past the union has held competitions on essay writing and poetry concerning Zagori and awarded a prize to the competitors. The union has repeatedly given gifts and offered mouth sanitary ware to small children, supported medical groups giving advice to the meager population of our villages.


The C.U.Z. took an active part in the A Theatre Summer Academy, for the Euripides programme in Monodendri, in July 2000, with groups of dancers, musicians, women singing lamentations, being given favourable thanks by the National Theatre.


Our union is moreover present at local parades, national holidays, festivities and cultural meetings all over Greece and at folk festivals abroad as well.


In 1996 it represented the wedding ceremony of Zagori on a public channel show.

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In 1995 it organized and sponsored a concert on the paths of our traditional music, which was held for the first time in our area.


Occasionally the cultural union of Zagori has also organized circles of speeches related to our popular culture and the development of the Zagori villages, which more recently were under the title Spring of 2002.


In 2000 the union released a cd with traditional music of Zagori entitled: Songs that we sing in Zagori with the exceptional clarinetist Grigori Kapsali. In 2002 released a second cd with the title: Zagorisio Ziafeti Ziafeti is a collacation for a friendly gathering for eating, drinking and dancing with an other exceptional clarinetist from Zagori, Lefteri Sarrea, and in 2004 the third release entitled "Grigoris Kapsalis meets Giannis Papakostas and Chisto Zoto".


Visit of the President of the Republic in Zagori.












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